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Helene Kudrow Sherman

The artist working on Grace clay

Like many artists, Helene Kudrow Sherman began with drawing and painting but shortly after completing her master’s degree, Helene began the whimsical hand-painted ceramics company — Honeymoon Designs™.  Her usable art was sold in galleries from Beverly Hills and Santa Barbara to Palm Beach and the south of France.

Longing for a more tactile medium, Helene began clay sculpting in 2001.  Helene has studied with Robert Cunningham, Vladimir Goryachev, and Donna Montrezza.

Helene’s sculptures can be found in museum exhibitions and private collections from Beverly Hills to Manhattan.

Helene celebrates life and the human form through her figurative bronze sculptures. Her works range in size from fourteen inches to life-sized and monument.


Helene-PicGrace clay DSCN0227Sun Bathing Nude clay
IMG_1237Clarity clay Face study clayFace Study clay

Honeymoon Designs


Exhibiting at the LA Gift Show (Click to zoom)

Honeymoon Designs

Assorted pieces
Honeymoon Designs -_003 Honeymoon Designs -_002 Honeymoon Designs -_004
2015_11_02_08_35_310002 2015_11_01_10_58_470008 Honeymoon Designs--
2015_11_02_08_35_310008 2015_11_02_08_35_310005 2015_11_02_08_35_310007
2015_11_02_08_35_310003 2015_11_01_10_52_180003 2015_11_01_10_58_470002
2015_11_01_10_52_180002 Honeymoon Designs -_001 2015_11_01_10_52_180005
2015_11_01_10_58_470003 2015_11_01_10_58_470006Honeymoon Designs 2015_11_01_10_58_470004